Second Grade

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Assalamualaikum 2nd grade Parents/Guardians,

Here is a brief summary of how our month looked like:

Math: We are currently working on completing Unit 4; Repeated Addition. Students are learning about “arrays” and equal grouping and how drawing pictures can help us solve world problems. In addition, some students are being introduced to multiplication through the use of repeated addition :-)

Literacy: We are continuing to work with non- fiction texts and Why it is important for us to read. Thus, the students all picked one non-fiction topic, researched about it, and created a mini poster board about the information they gathered, then presented their findings to the class :-)

Social Studies: We concluded Unit 3 in which the students developed basic map reading skills. The students also learned about the basic parts of the earth including landforms, continents, and oceans. They also learned how the weather and climate affects our environment and how humans use transportation and technology to make life easier.

Science: We began chapter 3 in which we began our life science unit; plants and animals. We are learning about the 5 an9mal groups; mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and fish, They are also learning about how living things meet their needs and how they survive using the special abilities Allah (swt) gave them.

Islamic Studies: Sr Amrozia has been working really hard to prepare the students for their first sunnah party presentation on the “Life of the Prophet; Makkah time”.

Project Based Learning: We had our Invention Convention presentation in which we discussed the issues of Hamza Academy’s water fountains. We decided water coolers would be a great solution to this problem thus, they learned about the steps that it would take to solve this problem. Students displayed their problem solving skills as well as their public speaking skills.

Service Learning: Students are learning the importance of collaboration and cooperation in the classroom. Thus, students are learning to improve their “group-work” skills. This is an all year, on-going learning experience.

Art: This month Sr. Amrozia has been teaching the students different art techniques. They explored different textures through crayon rubbings on different materials and surfaces. In addition, they also created their own Matisse style artwork which incorporated vibrant colors and shapes.

Special events that took place this month:

BIg Red Chair: Be A Buddy NOT a Bully

Multicultural Day: Peru presented by 6/7th grade

Bake Sales: Hosted by Nursery and 5th grade

Invention COnvention: “Keepin’ it COOL” by 2nd grade

**Alhumdulillah we have bypassed our $14 monthly sadaqah goal this month as well!

Please feel to contact me with any questions or concerns via Bloomz or email
Ja Zak Allahu Khayran for your patience and cooperation :-)

Sr. Mona




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Hamza Academy is blessed with amazing students who are the reflection of great parents.  To complete this circle Allah (swt) has provided sincere staff to serve them at Hamza Academy who are concious of Allah (swt), and if one slips or forgets there is always someone who helps to pickup or remind.  In my opinion this is Hamza Academy in a nutshell. What a blessing to be a part of this.-5th Year Staff Member

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